2007 Review
2007 has been a wonderful year for us at Wedding Harmony. Despite the challenges of time and resources, we have managed to propel ourselves forward in developing the creative wedding music industry, as well as further strengthening our commitment in bringing top quality music performances to weddings.

For the period April 2006 – December 2007, we performed in 70 weddings and wrote 36 original wedding songs (of which 5 were tribute songs written by wedding couples for their parents).

Original wedding songs
36 original songs is by no means a small achievement – that is enough songs for 3 commercial albums! In this aspect, I must extend my sincere gratitude to our 2 close friends and professionals in the music industry – Charles from Two Rooms studio for his unwavering support and Chris G for his expertise in vocal recording.

We are also extremely honoured to be able to write 5 songs of tribute for couples, dedicated to their parents. Nothing is more touching and meaningful than a gesture like this on a wedding day – a display of love for our parents.

Wedding Day Performances
The bulk of our 70 wedding performances were done with our Harmony in Concert group which consists of either 5-piece or 6-piece music groups complete with professional sound crew and engineering support from Soundbites.

Instead of clinching multiple performances using small sub-groups, our vision is firmly set on bringing as much high quality concert-styled music to weddings. We believe this distinguishes us from other groups.

The challenge in putting up concert groups is always apparent – the higher costs, increased demands on logistics, and the simple fact that it is harder to find 6 top notch musicians than to find 2.

The response has been awesome, and we are excited about bringing even more vibrant music to our wedding couples in 2008.

Market Positioning
Wedding Harmony continues to attract discerning couples who insist on nothing short of the best in terms of wedding music. Mature, professional and classy, we seek to add a sense of occasion to all weddings. Be it in a cosy lounge or a grand ballroom, ensuring good music has been our philosophy.

As demand for our original song services picks up, we are careful to maintain our creative standards and niche positioning. It is a fine balance between over-doing and under-doing original songs. On one hand, we wish that as many weddings can be graced with our music, but on the other, we certainly recognise that many couples come to us for original music simply because they desire an extravagance that sets their wedding apart; something that their family and friends will talk about for years to come, something that even other wedding couples will talk about.

Our New Look for 2008
We have spent considerable time and thought in re-designing our website for 2008. Replacing the previous warm and cosy website, viewers are now treated to a display of striking colours and brilliant pictures, set against a backdrop of an opulent, powerful and emotional mood. This is firmly in line with our corporate vision – strength in depth, vibrancy in delivery, and exclusivity in ownership. Engaging Wedding Harmony must remain the benchmark for a uniquely special and memorable musical experience.

Lorraine in Original Love Stories: Vol 2
Work on our 2nd album is in full swing and we expect a launch date not too far in the future. It will feature a collection of some of our works in 2007. Some songs will be brought forward to Vol. 3, which we hope will materialise in 2009.

What makes the music of Wedding Harmony special?
Music is always about melodies and voices. The cornerstone of our sound has been in the crystal clear and soothing vocals of Lorraine and the warm and textured tone of Lizhang. The strong instrumental fundamentals provided by Ruth (keyboards piano), Micah (bass), Fabian (saxophone) give the support. (I would like to believe my supporting role as drummer helps!)

I remember vividly the day a guest came to us and said “it has been a long time since I heard such good music”. Flattered as we were, it further cements my belief that music is in every one of our hearts – beating in tandem with our spirits, our feelings, our thoughts. I also like to believe that good music can move people, and through our music, we can bring joy and peace to those who lend us their listening ears.

In this regard, we are reluctant to become a “wedding band co-ordinator”, and over committing ourselves such that we need to outsource our services to other vocalists or musicians. Good as they may be, but if they are not synchronous with the musical identity of our company, I would rather not make the commitment to our couples.

I would also like to thank a few friends who have helped us put together a second concert group on 2 occasions last year - Juliet (vocals), Du Xin (vocals), Victor (bass), Luke (drums), Mei Mei (keyboards) and Mitch (keyboards).

It really is of no meaning to me to have 30 musicians and 10 vocalists performing in several hundred weddings a year. That is not, and will never be, the philosophy of Wedding Harmony.

We value each and every one of our team as an asset to our growth and identity, and like any good football team – playing together and sticking to a constant formula is the best method of ensuring our music will only get better and better. Our strength is in depth, not in numbers. Because fine things I do realise, are truly hard to find.

Perhaps, this is what sets us apart. And in my capacity as Music Director, I hope to pursue this dream so that couples who come to us will continue to enjoy a performance of unsurpassed quality on their wedding day.

A big thank you to all our wedding couples, because without their support, we would not be where we are today.

Cheers to a wonderful 2008!

Music Director
Wedding Harmony Pte Ltd

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